Run II


My  frustration  is  that everyday I  try  to be stronger, just to be  broken  once  more with just a single blow.




I  have to submit tomorrow our “ultimate” yearly requirement for promotion – the retrospective paper. I am however only half way doing my results and discussion part and only a small part of me is panicking… and it’s almost midnight … and I’m having my last duty at the puso center tomorrow… and I cannot be late (I planned to but then the consultant strictly comes at 7 and I don’t want  “the” attention). I am about to call this a career suicide except I won’t die from this. Not finishing this would only prolong my career life as a form of punishment – just like a poorly planned real life suicide of jumping from the 3rd floor, or  slashing your wrist only up to the dermal layer. If only quitting is that easy.

This, ladies and gentlemen is just a part of what’s going on in my head right now I just need to get it out. I’m doing my paper now.