Art in Island

I have heard of Art in Island for quite sometime already. Though I already planned on bringing My Little Man in this visual playground, what made us push through with the trip was when he personally showed interest in it.  He learned about it from the t.v. (from a noontime show hosted by a kid).

One fine Friday afternoon, I surprised him and picked him up from school. We had a quick lunch at a nearby KFC then took a ride to Cubao. Being great in remembering street names, and having spent a small part of my childhood spending fun weekends in the area (remember: C.O.D, Fiesta Carnival, Rustan’s!)… I had to use my phone GPS to literally track down the place (search: Art in Island). Seriously, Google Map worked!  The map showed two street access from Tuazon . We walked from the main road to one of those streets until it lead us to a big lot housing a simple but modern structure.

I wasn’t that prepared to shell out P400 pesos (oopps, forgot to note about it earlier), but since we were there already and it was exciting even from the outside, we took off our shoes and followed their instruction: do whatever and take pictures as much as we wanted to.  It was worth it!

These are a few of the crazy picks.