Wicked Manila

When I see depressing creatures
With unprepossessing features
I remind them on their own behalf
To think of
Celebrated heads of state or
Specially great communicators
Did they have brains or knowledge?
Don’t make me laugh!
–  Popular, from Wicked

This you have to know. I love to sing, but just in front of the mirror, or with people close to me, karaoke style. I love listening to music, but selective to those with all the feels. This means classical, instrumentals or songs with melodies that tell stories and songs with lyrics that talk to you. I like live performances and my severe level of stage fright make me adore artists more than you can imagine.

So, residency over and a couple of extra time in my hands (…and laziness to work), I finally watched another musical. My last was still Cinderella, waaaaay long ago, but really just before I entered medical school.

Despite it’s fictional setting, the story  nudges the “young adult” in me.

Elphaba was the one who Defied Gravity.  She embraced her exceptionalities and chose the life that would make her free to be herself… even if that meant being ostracized.  She used her craft with good intentions  but it turns out a disaster and so she asks…

One question haunts and hurts
Too much, too much to mention:
Was I really seeking good
Or just seeking attention?
Is that all good deeds are
When looked at with an ice-cold eye?
If that’s all good deeds are
Maybe that’s the reason why

– No Good Deed, from the Wicked

Since No Good Deed goes Unpunished, maybe  having good intention with bad outcome is no different with a bad intention with bad result?

Is she Wicked or not? Think about it, there is something wicked in all of us. We do have evil thoughts sometimes, a few curse thrown here and there, subtle revenges, omissions, comissions…. yadadada…  Her chants were intended to help the Tin Man, The Lion and even… Fiyero  (Scarecrow), the love of her life.   Fiyero stood by her and they run away together but the others hated her and contributed (plus dumbfounded hearsays and speculations)  why the people of Oz tagged her as the Wicked Witch of the West.

One of that speculations was that the Witch will be melted by water (again a hearsay). She does not of course because, she was just green with “talent” (for witchcraft) but have the makings similar to others. It was this speculation that they used to help them get away… too much information?  The point is, I too speculate   (… and gossip) but this story showed the gravity of how it can destroy the person.  Imagine the difference it will make if only the people of Oz tried to understand the Green Witch?

Oh, but really. I want to talk about Galinda. Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. My heart breaks for her. She was the one who stayed. She is narcisstic. She longs for the love and the respect and adoration. She didn’t stop Madame Morrible to spread false stories about Elphaba, denied she is her friend and helped to stage her capture .  Doesn’t these count her to be Wicked as well?

On the other side, she loved Fiyero  (one way, obviously) who left her just after announcement of engagement  (who wouldn’t?). At that time, she was finally given a position, her dream – the label “Glinda, The Good”.  She knew then, she cannot have all. She was regarded by the people; she was being looked upon but her heart…. it got lost. She was Not That Girl.  (And we can deny it all we want but being The One is our heart’s true desire… right?)

For Good is a wonderful song of friendship…. it’s my favorite humhum song lately.





Kindergarten is the most exciting period in a learner’s life. Why? Almost everything is new. When you feel there’s always something new to learn, you get excited and you would always want for more.

This is why I’m making use of this opportunity to expose my son to learning through play. It isn’t easy. I am not the one to read parenting books (it stresses me because my set-up isn’t typical). I am trying to follow his current interests and his wants and step up a bit when he learns the basics.

I think we already mastered the basics of alphabets and numbers.  He’s quick to add and subtract 1 digit numbers. He can read variety of simple words and attempts to read more complicated ones.  We do have a problem with his sentence construction in English because our mother tongue at home is Filipino (and we don’t really watch much T.V /cartoons at home). I’m not pressuring him to learn just yet. He is trying to converse in English and we do correct him during our conversations. Good thing he doesn’t feel bad about it.

I am always on the look out for locally published books  specially because the first books he was able read on his own were both Tagalog .

Bahay Kubo One of the most famous Filipino folk song, BAHAY KUBO, beautifully illustrated by Hermes Alegre, published by Tahanan Books. He initially *pretended* to know how to read but really, he is already familiar with the song so the reading part came naturally.

10 Children’s Storybooks that Teach Filipino Culture - Pinoy Parenting| SmartParenting.com.ph

AY NAKU! Story by Reni Roxas, illustrated by Serj Bumatay III, published by Tahanan Books. We had fun time reading this back then because he can relate with Botbot! A story with only 65 Filipino words yet was able to tell something about a child’s funny way and how a Filipino family lovingly deals with it. I find this book a real winner.

Anyway, after that almost 1 week of not being able to spend quality time with him (post grad and late late late endorsements!!!), I dropped by our community mall to buy ink… but of course, that also means a quick trip to the bookstore. 

I got to the Kindergarten books fell in love with the collection of Jepoy Dyip.  Are you familiar with the cardboard toys at the back of chocolate drinks (or cereals?) or probably you are more familiar with paper dolls? This collection has a more “gender neutral” paper toys to create and play with.

When I showed him his new books, he immediately g0t 2 pairs of scissors. You know what happens next. I finished creating the jeepney for him while he, at the stage of pushing his independence, started cutting the police car (… and then cut some more… until… err… he willingly accepted that I help him already).  Our agreement is that we open one book  and read the story together first (I’ll read in Filipino while he’ll read the English translation) before we proceed to the next books.  He’s really excited about this one as well because when I check on him while I am at work, he kept on telling my how he and my brother is working on the paper toys!  (Source: http://jmtejido.blogspot.com/)