House on the Hill

The family has been planning to transfer to another area because 1) the ancestral house that we are living in is starting to give up 2) we are in a place near the valley fault 3) renovation of the whole house and area will be way too expensive 4) the parentals really want to have a house they could call their “own” 5) well, the community isn’t the same as before, too many negative elements around already.

I think what was holding us back was budget. The parentals don’t talk about money matters much but I know they (and I as well) wouldn’t settle less than our dream home.   We already have a lot and we ended up choosing a place nearer my son’s school but still remaining at the province where we grew up.  We know our limitations (haha!).

We  have a well known architect in the family (well, countless t.v and magazine appearances both here and abroad!) but we are shy to ask for his help because his team is expensive and it’s like probably the house we will design is just a guest house of the mansions they’re creating (ooopss. oozing with insecurity, can you smell???). I’m pushing the elders actually but knowing them, they are generous and helpful but they when it’s the other way around, they’re adamant (they  are uncomfortable with  debts which explains why they pay credit cards ASAP, rather  save and buy than pay installment, and which explains why I don’t have credit card up to know… I learned that from them!) Fine. This is another story.

Anyway. I am just excited. I REALLY REALLY HOPE it will start soon. I am afraid that a new place will be sadness because of less familiar people but that feeling of looking forward into something what I am after.

p.s  We have been talking that I will just contribute to the furniture and other fixtures.  I tell my dad since I don’t agree with television in every room, I’m only willing to buy 1 t.v! Save. Save!. Save!!!


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