Just this morning, I had this dream, I was sleeping naked in my room.  I woke up all of a sudden noting my parents were on the other bed, not caring at all that I am not wearing anything and what’s worse was there were a bunch of other people who were around as well just going in and out of the room.


– – –

Of course I looked it up… I think in my case, my dream means

  1. I am feeling naked by this kind of blogging again.  You see, I didn’t intend to just write out everything.  At my age, I think writing should be more purposeful in the sense that I will be sharing something worth sharing, something worth looking back.  But then, look. I open my laptop and open this blank space and before I call it a night, I do some verbal release before I retire. I’m in (almost desperate) need of outlet right now.  And my soul is still getting reacquainted to the feeling.
  2. Of pending reports and projects.  I am way far from finishing it and submission is in 3 weeks time. Hooray. Shameful me.
  3.  Hiding. Yes I am great in hiding. But I am sure I am not doing it for myself.  I suffer a little but I think that’s o.k. I guess.

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