Walang Forever

HIS END deserves a post. I have been a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Because I work in the hospital setting, I can relate to the series’ environment. However it’s the romantic fantasy that got me hooked of course. It entertains me by showing relationships are possible in our world (no matter how dark and twisty those are).  I can relate because I am a doctor (still in med school by the time it started!) desperate to make things work in my personal life.

I am hooked to Cristina and Meredith’s friendship but then Cristina has to go and so I lost 1/4 interest in the show. Meredith and Derek’s was my “relationship goal”. For some reason, I am affected to whatever happens to them on the show. They are good together. They are good for each other. And then, he was killed in the plot…

I was heartbroken. Walang forever, indeed.  Natawa na lang ako because it made me realize my bubble has burst already. I don’t know when it happened but I now accept my previous relationship isn’t something that will last forever. He was never really mine and he never wanted me to be his anyway. There were no promises and no talks about the future. Honestly, in my heart I hoped he will return and tell me to start over. It won’t happen.

Walang forever, but I decide to enjoy the moment  and enjoy whatever life gives me. I’m not getting any younger but I’m not too old to let go of fun. With a promising career and a well-loved child for me to raise, what more do I need? I am not money hungry. I just want a purposeful  and comfortable life. That part of me that longs for intimate love? I remain hopeful but not desperate. Wala ring forever lonely dapat, diba universe?


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