Scientific Forum

One of the major activities of a training hospital is to hold a post graduate course. For Pediatric Residency Level II training, its is held every 3 hours.  A scientific committee is formed to brainstorm and develop topics to to discuss. This is started months prior and as the actual day nears, other tasks such as finalizing the host location, food, sponsors etc.

Today was day 1 of 2 of our post grad. I hosted it. In the evening, I also hosted the fellowship night. It went… uhm. something forgettable but when I went back to the hotel, I bought half dozen macaroon, baked cheesecake and super moist cake.

BEFORE BED, and despite our tired bodies, we made time to drop by our favorite coffee house.

Everybody wants you
Everybody wants your love
I’d just like to make you mine all night
– Give it Up (KC & The Sunshine)

I enjoyed our fellowship most specially because it involves band and music. How I would have loved to just listen and enjoy the music even if I don’t really know the songs.

The night ended with a big bang because of this dance music + group initiated no pressure dance party and you just shake your booty and shout all your worries. That was few minutes of freedom and bliss.  Drunk disinhibition without any alcohol intake.


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