I have been thinking of fixing my blog for quite sometime now.  I was hoping I would be able to start updating it to mark my 30th year of existence but I guess blogging (or even handwritten journal writing) is one of my least priorities.

My late night online life started one day when I bought my new laptop. Included in the exploration of it’s features include feeling wonderful about looking over a bigger screen and touch typing in a more ergonomically friendly keyboard.  For a few days now, I spent my last hours of lucidness downloading and tinkering with “desktop applications” (errr…. my previous laptop was a lot more primitive).   I finally am comfortable navigating Windows 8 and so I can move on with my life now.

– – –

This week is (HELL WEEK) a busy week for our department.  Our 6th Scientific Forum will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday but my concern really is that I will not be able to come home for 5 straight days because despite the convention, our normal hospital duty schedule remains unchanged. At least after that, one major event is over.  Next is that we can focus on our research and oral exams (Oh.No. Both are due this August!)

– – –

On a happy note, we spent almost the whole day out. Before lunch, we went to Manila to drop the projector and screen to be used for the convention. We then picked up my mother before heading to the mall for lunch, shopping (“The Great Gatsby”, theme of the fellowship night… but I’ll tell about this some other time), and movie. We got another set of tickets from my mom’s friend from Columbia Pictures. It allowed all 5 of us to watch The Minions together. Honestly I am not a fan before and even after watching the movie but it was the first movie house experience of the little one so it deserves a shout out.

– – –

Song of the day:

Porque contigo yo ya escoji?
Ahora mi corazon ta sufri
Bien simple lang I yo tapidi
Era cin ti tu el cosa yo ya cin ti…

PORQUE,  a song by a local band Maldita. We were listening to the album by The Company, and they did a rendition of the said song (nothing beats the original of course).  It’s bittersweet actually: Bakit ikaw pa ang napili? /Ngayon ang puso ko ay sawi/ Kay simple lang ng aking hiling/
Na madama mo rin ang pait at pighati…/. 


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