Kindergarten is the most exciting period in a learner’s life. Why? Almost everything is new. When you feel there’s always something new to learn, you get excited and you would always want for more.

This is why I’m making use of this opportunity to expose my son to learning through play. It isn’t easy. I am not the one to read parenting books (it stresses me because my set-up isn’t typical). I am trying to follow his current interests and his wants and step up a bit when he learns the basics.

I think we already mastered the basics of alphabets and numbers.  He’s quick to add and subtract 1 digit numbers. He can read variety of simple words and attempts to read more complicated ones.  We do have a problem with his sentence construction in English because our mother tongue at home is Filipino (and we don’t really watch much T.V /cartoons at home). I’m not pressuring him to learn just yet. He is trying to converse in English and we do correct him during our conversations. Good thing he doesn’t feel bad about it.

I am always on the look out for locally published books  specially because the first books he was able read on his own were both Tagalog .

Bahay Kubo One of the most famous Filipino folk song, BAHAY KUBO, beautifully illustrated by Hermes Alegre, published by Tahanan Books. He initially *pretended* to know how to read but really, he is already familiar with the song so the reading part came naturally.

10 Children’s Storybooks that Teach Filipino Culture - Pinoy Parenting|

AY NAKU! Story by Reni Roxas, illustrated by Serj Bumatay III, published by Tahanan Books. We had fun time reading this back then because he can relate with Botbot! A story with only 65 Filipino words yet was able to tell something about a child’s funny way and how a Filipino family lovingly deals with it. I find this book a real winner.

Anyway, after that almost 1 week of not being able to spend quality time with him (post grad and late late late endorsements!!!), I dropped by our community mall to buy ink… but of course, that also means a quick trip to the bookstore. 

I got to the Kindergarten books fell in love with the collection of Jepoy Dyip.  Are you familiar with the cardboard toys at the back of chocolate drinks (or cereals?) or probably you are more familiar with paper dolls? This collection has a more “gender neutral” paper toys to create and play with.

When I showed him his new books, he immediately g0t 2 pairs of scissors. You know what happens next. I finished creating the jeepney for him while he, at the stage of pushing his independence, started cutting the police car (… and then cut some more… until… err… he willingly accepted that I help him already).  Our agreement is that we open one book  and read the story together first (I’ll read in Filipino while he’ll read the English translation) before we proceed to the next books.  He’s really excited about this one as well because when I check on him while I am at work, he kept on telling my how he and my brother is working on the paper toys!  (Source:


Walang Forever

HIS END deserves a post. I have been a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Because I work in the hospital setting, I can relate to the series’ environment. However it’s the romantic fantasy that got me hooked of course. It entertains me by showing relationships are possible in our world (no matter how dark and twisty those are).  I can relate because I am a doctor (still in med school by the time it started!) desperate to make things work in my personal life.

I am hooked to Cristina and Meredith’s friendship but then Cristina has to go and so I lost 1/4 interest in the show. Meredith and Derek’s was my “relationship goal”. For some reason, I am affected to whatever happens to them on the show. They are good together. They are good for each other. And then, he was killed in the plot…

I was heartbroken. Walang forever, indeed.  Natawa na lang ako because it made me realize my bubble has burst already. I don’t know when it happened but I now accept my previous relationship isn’t something that will last forever. He was never really mine and he never wanted me to be his anyway. There were no promises and no talks about the future. Honestly, in my heart I hoped he will return and tell me to start over. It won’t happen.

Walang forever, but I decide to enjoy the moment  and enjoy whatever life gives me. I’m not getting any younger but I’m not too old to let go of fun. With a promising career and a well-loved child for me to raise, what more do I need? I am not money hungry. I just want a purposeful  and comfortable life. That part of me that longs for intimate love? I remain hopeful but not desperate. Wala ring forever lonely dapat, diba universe?

Fellowship Night 2015



(As of this moment, I am wondering what happened to the post I have written few days ago while we were staying at the hotel but for now…)

ON THE FIRST DAY of our post graduate course, we held the annual Fellowship Night. Our theme was lifted from the “Great Gatsby” – under tight budget . We wanted the party feel of frills, laces and pearls.  It was aimed to be a night filled with music and dancing.  The highlight of the night was towards the end of course when everyone got up on their toes and danced as we were led by our younger budding doctors (our junior interns).  It was fun, alcohol-free  dance and scream your hear out moment – and nobody cared because everybody had fun.

Scientific Forum

One of the major activities of a training hospital is to hold a post graduate course. For Pediatric Residency Level II training, its is held every 3 hours.  A scientific committee is formed to brainstorm and develop topics to to discuss. This is started months prior and as the actual day nears, other tasks such as finalizing the host location, food, sponsors etc.

Today was day 1 of 2 of our post grad. I hosted it. In the evening, I also hosted the fellowship night. It went… uhm. something forgettable but when I went back to the hotel, I bought half dozen macaroon, baked cheesecake and super moist cake.

BEFORE BED, and despite our tired bodies, we made time to drop by our favorite coffee house.

Everybody wants you
Everybody wants your love
I’d just like to make you mine all night
– Give it Up (KC & The Sunshine)

I enjoyed our fellowship most specially because it involves band and music. How I would have loved to just listen and enjoy the music even if I don’t really know the songs.

The night ended with a big bang because of this dance music + group initiated no pressure dance party and you just shake your booty and shout all your worries. That was few minutes of freedom and bliss.  Drunk disinhibition without any alcohol intake.


I have been thinking of fixing my blog for quite sometime now.  I was hoping I would be able to start updating it to mark my 30th year of existence but I guess blogging (or even handwritten journal writing) is one of my least priorities.

My late night online life started one day when I bought my new laptop. Included in the exploration of it’s features include feeling wonderful about looking over a bigger screen and touch typing in a more ergonomically friendly keyboard.  For a few days now, I spent my last hours of lucidness downloading and tinkering with “desktop applications” (errr…. my previous laptop was a lot more primitive).   I finally am comfortable navigating Windows 8 and so I can move on with my life now.

– – –

This week is (HELL WEEK) a busy week for our department.  Our 6th Scientific Forum will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday but my concern really is that I will not be able to come home for 5 straight days because despite the convention, our normal hospital duty schedule remains unchanged. At least after that, one major event is over.  Next is that we can focus on our research and oral exams (Oh.No. Both are due this August!)

– – –

On a happy note, we spent almost the whole day out. Before lunch, we went to Manila to drop the projector and screen to be used for the convention. We then picked up my mother before heading to the mall for lunch, shopping (“The Great Gatsby”, theme of the fellowship night… but I’ll tell about this some other time), and movie. We got another set of tickets from my mom’s friend from Columbia Pictures. It allowed all 5 of us to watch The Minions together. Honestly I am not a fan before and even after watching the movie but it was the first movie house experience of the little one so it deserves a shout out.

– – –

Song of the day:

Porque contigo yo ya escoji?
Ahora mi corazon ta sufri
Bien simple lang I yo tapidi
Era cin ti tu el cosa yo ya cin ti…

PORQUE,  a song by a local band Maldita. We were listening to the album by The Company, and they did a rendition of the said song (nothing beats the original of course).  It’s bittersweet actually: Bakit ikaw pa ang napili? /Ngayon ang puso ko ay sawi/ Kay simple lang ng aking hiling/
Na madama mo rin ang pait at pighati…/.